Why Register More Than One Domain Name? 

5 Important Reasons Why You Must Register Multiple Domain Names
When registering multiple domains from a suitable Domain Hosting provider, one might wonder, Why would anyone want to do that? After all, isn’t one domain name isn’t enough? For several businesses, one domain name registration is enough. Still, some businesses consider resisting more than one domain name for many reasons, such as protecting the brand name, targeting different audiences, or more. In this article, we will learn in brief what are some reasons to register more than one Domain Name.

Reasons To Register More Than One Domain Name

Suppose you plan to register a domain in NZ (New Zealand) rather than more than one domain registration in NZ in the following ways.
  1. To Protect A Brand Name
One can’t deny the importance that brand names possess, and brand name impacts customers. Thus, most of the time, you can notice that many people try to use a similar brand name already established to sell their products, with somewhere needing clarification and harming your customers and brand reputation. For instance, nike.com, nike.org, Nikee.com, and more. So buying them similar kinds of your brand names will help you to ensure your brand safety and reduce the chances of misusing your brand name to earn money.
  1. Target Different Audiences
Another reason to register more than one domain name is to target different audiences and customer segments to increase the traffic on your website and establish a brand. For instance, if you are a traveling company with the brand name “pack your bag,” then the people who know you will write this domain name to find you online, but for the people who want to do mountain trekkings, buy honeymoon packages then for them you can buy the domain name like mountaintrekking.com or best honeymoonpackages.com
  1. To Improve Seo Or Search Engine Optimization
When visitors visit your website, you can play with the keywords to optimize your SEO. You can target the customer using different words and phrases in the best possible way. For example: If someone wants to order a cake, they will Google some of these words online, such as best bakery, best cake shop, delicious cake, etc. So you can buy three or four domain names with different keywords after research and attract multiple visitors to your website.
  1. Name Change
Most businesses for website users are required to change their name after some time. But till then, many users will know them by their previous name. Therefore, to attract both old and new users, they must buy more than one domain name. It will also ensure that they will not lose their name to someone else who can take advantage of their hard work and steal their hard-earned customer.
  1. Selling More Than One Product.
When a company has to sell more than one product or hold subordinate companies under it, it will become necessary to register domains or more than one domain for a single website. For instance: Unilever NV, a British-Dutch multinational consumer goods corporation, has the most domain names (1,181), including brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, and Hellman’s. They hold more domain names collectively than Microsoft, and more than twice as many as Alphabet combined.

Final Words 

Now you have several reasons to register more than one domain name for your website. Thus, investing and taking time to register the additional domain names will help you to create a more secure, targeted, and effective online presence for your business.

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