How to Set Up an Amazon Sponsored Brands Video Ad (Step-by-Step)

A guide to creating Sponsored Brands videos ads | Amazon Ads

Step 1: Get inspiration

The initial step in every marketing strategy is planning your strategy. Because this is a brand new area, looking at what your competitors are doing is a good way to begin. Every successful campaign starts by establishing a solid foundation of the things already working.

The goal isn’t to imitate the work but rather to consider ways to enhance the piece—one of the best ways to demonstrate how users can benefit from your product. For instance, if, example, you are selling a grill, demonstrate how easy it is to build and use.

Step 2: Make the video.

The next step is to create the video. It’s possible that you’re not able to make an effective video because there’s no expertise. It’s not a problem since most people don’t have enough time to attend an online videography class.

Fortunately, Amazon makes this easy by providing Amazon’s YouTube Creative Builder. Amazon offers many different templates based on your brand’s existing assets. It is also possible to enhance existing videos by adding frames or other templates.

If you’re still looking for professional-quality video editing before editing, there are alternatives:

Find a videographer who is a freelancer through websites such as Upwork or Fiverr

DIY using a white/black clean sheet and a camera mounted on a tripod

Make use of other online video services provided by third-party companies. 

No matter how you create the video, you must make sure that the video isn’t blurry and that it is in compliance with dimensions and resolution requirements. Amazon will take down videos that aren’t in conformity.

Step 3. Campaign creation

The process of creating ads is easy. Follow these guidelines:

1. Log in to Seller Central.

2. Select the Campaign Manager under the advertising tab and select to create a campaign.

3. Select Brands that are sponsored under the type of campaign choice screen.

4. Select the campaign’s name budget, portfolio, brand starting date, as well as ending date.

5. Select video under the format choice screen.

6. Select the product you want to target to promote.

7. Send us your videos (making sure you meet the requirements for your file listed).

8. Select your keywords of choice and bid amount, and the filtering style you want to use for the keywords.

Consider loop: Once this video closes, it will immediately repeat. You might want to consider adding a final card to give you some breathing room or be imaginative and make your loop as seamless as possible.

Display the product you sell: Videos featuring the product prominently in the first two seconds typically are more effective. Don’t miss the chance to entice viewers by fading into black or beginning with a blank frame.

Video ads have started performing better then display ads, if you’re a part of amazon brand registry if best have videos showcasing, how to’s & explaining the features of products can help you convert better.