Important Facts You Should Know about Email Marketing

Email marketing has significant benefits since it effectively enhances customer engagement. When executed correctly, a newsletter is an affordable, quick, and easy way to inform and excite clients about new product launches or promotions. Here we introduce some possible advantages of email marketing and 4 B2B email marketing templates you should know.

The advantages of Email Marketing include but are not limited to the following: 

1) Enhance customer loyalty

Email marketing enables marketers to keep in contact with customers and audiences. Proven consumers also value being informed of new items and promotions. A recent study shows that it costs five times more to seek a new customer compared to retaining an existing consumer. 

2) Create more opportunities 

Unlike social media updates, where users might skip announcements and scroll up their news feeds, email marketing is more likely to be viewed. Emails can be sent to thousands of users with just a few clicks. Those users are free to read whenever it is convenient, whether online or off.

3) Gain valuation business data

Email allows you to collect customer data and learn more about their behaviour. You can track analytics or send email surveys and feedback forms. Then, leverage this information to improve your emails, business, products, and services.

4 Steps to get started with email marketing:

Step 1: Build your email marketing goal

Before you start creating email campaigns, you are supposed to understate your initiative and aim. For instance, what do you hope to achieve with this email? What action do you want your contacts to take after opening your email?

Step 2: Define your target audience

It is essential to have a draft about your target audience so that you can improve the conversations based on specific groups of consumers by making relative adjustments to your emails. Subscribers can be divided into groups depending on a range of criteria, including age, gender, location, preferences, engagement levels, and online activity. 

Step 3: Select your email campaign type 

There are several types of emails that brands send out to achieve specific goals. The type you choose will depend on your purpose and target audience. Some popular email marketing types include welcome email series, cart abandonment campaigns, newsletters, re-engagement emails, etc.  

There are 4 B2B email marketing templates you should know:

1) Welcome email template

Example template provided by L’OCCITAINE

Adding new subscribers to your company’s email list and extending a warm welcome is a terrific way to establish a strong rapport immediately. Make sure to introduce yourself and your organisation in the email. You can also give valuable connections to information like your social media profiles or the most-read blog pieces or white papers.

2) Product promotion email template

Example template provided by I.AM.GIA

Your product will continue to develop. Each time you add a new feature or enhance an existing one, it can be the difference that convinces many potential customers to become clients. To ensure that people are aware of these changes, you must spread the word and notify them. Send a list of changes and updates to your subscribers in an email the next time you update your product.

3) Live event email template 

Example template provided by TICKETEK

There is no better method to obtain face-time with prospects and build a relationship than event marketing, even though arranging an event can be costly and time-consuming. Use email marketing to advertise the event and providing information about when, where, and why guests should attend. Get your top salespeople ready to welcome potential consumers at your event.

4) Thank you email template 

Example template provided by Kate Spade

You have two options for sending this email: manually or through an auto-responder that says, “When a visitor does this, we do that.” Begin by expressing gratitude to the reader and, if feasible, provide a direct link to the content so they may view it immediately. You can add links to your resource and product pages in addition to the thank you message.

In closing, successful email marketing can lead to sales, generate revenue, and better profits. Marketers are strongly suggested to choose the correct format depending on their marketing purpose. Don’t wait to start your first email marketing campaign! 

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